Iron (1 Month)

1.99 USD

Package Description

       IRON RANK



  • Allow to fly.

  • Allowedd to broadcast a message across the network using /me <message>.

Lobby Particles:

  • Allowed to use Happy Villager Particle.

  • Allowed to use Lava Drip Particle.

Kill Effects Particles:

  • Allowed to use the Death Smoke Kill Effect Particle.

Celebration Particles:

  • Allowed to use Lava Celebration Particle.


  • Allowed to choose teams in SkyWars.

  • Allowed to start SkyWars arenas.

  • Allowed to vote for OP or Normal chest in SkyWars.

  • Kits:
    • Allowed to use Iron kit.

    • Allowed to use Ender Pearl kit.


  • Allowed to choose teams in BuildUHC.