We are a Minecraft Bedrock Edition network that works every day to give you the best gaming experience in our different variety of minigames.


We have 6 different game modes ...



This survival game is based on the server of the java edition with the same name, here there is no protection of the terrain and everyone can be hit, it is forbidden to use hacks or bugs that give you an advantage.




This is a type of strategic PVP game where you must protect your bed while trying to eliminate your opponents on the islands of the sky. You can keep reappearing as long as your bed is safe. If your bed is destroyed, you only have one life left! Use the island shop to get better items and win.


Build UHC

This is a pvp game, in which you can select your team or play alone, you will appear in a small arena and you will have to kill the other players, the last team standing wins.



This is a first-person shooter in which up to eight players will face off on a large stage made up of several flying islands. Our objetive? Get to the center of the main island and become the only player alive.


PvP Games

This is a server with a series of classic pvp games, such as FFA with various sub game modes and soon there will be Duels and The Bridge.


Hunger Games

This game mode is a Free for all, which means that there are no teams, unless the players agree among themselves, the players will violently eliminate each other, whoever dies loses and is disqualified, in the end To win, there must only be one player who will be the winner regardless of whether he has been in a team.